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No fim do ano passado houve a Copa do Mundo Juniores de Hockey.

O evento obteve uma grande cobertura e, para se ter idéias, foi mais assistida que a NHL.

Lendo o blog dos Sens, percebi o quanto que os veteranos apoiam os garotos. Muito diferente de nós que mal ouvimos falar do campeonato juniores de futebol e muito menos craques incentivando os jogos.

Abaixo segue o depoimento do Spezza:

"Posted by Jason Spezza on January 4, 2008 in Jason Spezza

The world juniors are getting a lot of attention in Canada these days, as usual. And it’s true in our dressing room, too, especially among the Canadian players on the team. Any time your country is being represented, you want to watch. So we have it on every day here at the rink before practice. It all depends on the time of the games, but we do go out of our way to watch it.

Alfie and I were watching the Sweden-Canada game together the other day. But it seems to mean more to Canadians than anyone else. We seem to have the best TV coverage of it and we’ve kind of grown up with the tradition. So we pay more attention to it. There’s a few gentleman’s wagers on the go with some of the non-Canadian guys on the team about the games. You try to make a few bucks off your teammates. It’s all friendly stuff. I still haven’t heard the end of Volchy scoring the game winner for Russia against us when I played, and that was a few years ago now. It’s something that gets talked about for a long time, and it’s good memories for a lot of the guys.

Just the guys you meet is probably the biggest thing you remember about world juniors. You meet so many guys along the way, and now you’re playing against them at the NHL level. It helps your relationships out now. That’s probably the biggest thing I remember, meeting the guys and being around the guys. Some still remain friends to this day. I played junior with Steve Ott and roomed with him at world juniors. Jarret Stoll is a guy who I played with at world juniors and still talk to regularly.

Me and Heater first became buddies at world juniors. We thought back then that there was a chance we might end up together in the NHL. He was drafted by Atlanta and the next year was my draft year, and the Thrashers were picking first. So we thought there might be a chance. But once I got drafted here, I thought there would be no chance whatsoever of us playing together. Of course, that’s all changed now. Unfortunately, our world junior memories aren’t all as positive as some of the other guys on our team here. We have some positive memories, but we didn’t win any gold when we were there. So there’s maybe not quite as much reminiscing going on as with some of the other guys.

All of us who played in the tournament still feel a connection to the Canadian team. We try to send them an email every year wishing the guys luck, and let ’em know that we’ll be watching. We definitely want to see Canada win."


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