sexta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2008


Pelas estatísticas, perdemos as esperanças em pensar que nosso projeto se encaixaria nos rápidos :o(( porque até agora, 4 meses da abertura, ainda não recebemos qualquer contato do consulado. Espero apenas, que nosso processo fique dentro das estatísticas mais prováveis e o consulado entre em contato em setembro.
Outro assunto é que, provavelmente, teremos as novidades das mudanças no processo federal somente na segunda quinzena de agosto pois o Governo ainda está fazendo as consultas nas províncias e com empresas. E até lá, como o próprio consulado divulgou, devemos esperar e qualquer informação sobre o assunto será especulação.
Nesta semana uma coisa que me chamou a atenção, foi a grande quantidade de notícias sobre assassinato e desaparecimento que sairam no The Globe and Mail. Prestarei atenção nisto...
O site possui muitas informações sobre imigração e podemos encontrar os 7 segredos para uma imigração bem suscedida:
Success Secrets for Canadian Immigrants - Nick Noorani
1. English - Without learning the language, all your skills,education and experience are of no use! The HARDEST think isacknowledging that your language skills are not adequate. Once you dothis - the next step is improving your skills. This is the very firststep on your ladder of success!
2. Staying positive. I have seen the following scenario happen often:new immigrant meets with barriers in job finding and integration, andthen sits with friends from the same ethnic community or otherimmigrants to moan about life in Canada. Before you know it, thenegativity seeps into the newcomer's outlook and that puts uppersonal barriers of pessimism that will paralyze your chance ofsuccess. If you don't believe you'll be able to succeed and overcomethe challenges of being an immigrant, you will never really try.Avoid complaining and commiserating with other immigrants aboutdiscrimination you think you face. It's not productive for yoursuccess. Know the other issues. Realize even though you've arrived ina booming job market you are competing with experienced skilledCanadians who've been down-sized, younger Canadians looking for theirfirst job (with difficulty too) and others who are dissatisfied withtheir job. You are the sum total of the five closest people to you.Stay around positive people and you will be positive!(As an aside - I have dreams that this site, like my magazine andbook will enthuse immigrants on their journey. I want this site togive you your daily dose of positivity! Keep coming back)
3. Embracing Canada. Remember your dreams about coming to Canada?Well, they have come true. Now go out and enjoy all that is Canadian.Immigrants get onto a frenzy of activity the moment they land. Fromgetting accomodation, arranging schoold, getting to know the grocerystore nearby etc. Often, they forget to even explore the city andcountry that they have adopted! I often meet immigrants who have beenhere for a year and have not even seen Niagara falls or Stanley Park!YOU NEED TO FALL IN LOVE with Canada! You need to embrace its peopleand its beauty.For if you don't, you will forever be a visitor in the country youhave adopted!
4. Plan B. Have a Plan B. Some people think that in order forimmigrants to succeed, they need to start at the bottom. I do notagree with this, but believe you should have a Plan B for your lifein Canada. Plan B means having flexibility in what you intend to doin Canada. That very flexibility changed me from an advertisingprofessional to a publisher! I should add, however, that in order tohave a Plan B, you must have a Plan A! What makes plan B even more ofa challenge is that in order to have a Plan B, you must have a non-working plan A!Plan B is creating a mindset that will allow us to acceptalternatives that present themselves and sometimes are the highway topersonal and financial success.Most often, Plan B happens when plan A doesn't work or fails. We then(because we humans don't like change) flog Plan A to death hopingthat a little more mouth to mouth resuscitation may help jumpstartthe dead lifeless plan that we are so accustomed to!The primary reason people lose their motivation to succeed is oftenbecause they do not link their efforts to a life goal. Without theadvantage of a bigger picture they feel stalled and boxed in. Youneed to ask yourself "What do I want to accomplish with the talentsand abilities that I possess that will give me a lasting sense offulfillment." The Apprentice - Donald Trump
5. Stay clear of ethnic silos. I do understand that moving to a newcountry can be very scary. A lot of immigrants tend to move into anethnic community that matches their own background. While this may becomfortable, I personally believe your true growth in a new countrywill come from moving out of your comfort zone. When you have friendsof all nationalities, you will learn a lot more. Usually, when yourfriends are from your own country, many of your discussions centre onthe past and life "back home." You need to look at the future and atCanada, your new home!
6. Take risks! Immigrants are natural risk takers and entrepreneurs.You have to be if you give up your security to move to the unknown inanother country! Apply these risks to your new life. Learn a newtrade. Play a new instrument or take up a sport you always wanted to!
7. Volunteer, Mentorship & Networking• Volunteer. A great way to get your foot in the door is to volunteeryour time. Many organizations such as non-profits rely on volunteersto do many different tasks. Call around and see what's out there.Check out Volunteer Canada ( This will give you anopportunity to meet people and start networking, as well as gainCanadian experience.• Find a mentor. It's important to find someone who can coach ormentor you and share information about your industry in Canada. Manyprofessional associations offer this type of "buddy" program, where aseasoned member guides a junior member.• Network. Be sure to conduct informational interviews with people inyour field - this will give you a personal perspective and some newcontacts. Join associations, attend events, meet new people.Introduce yourself and connect with people in your field and outsideyour ethnic community.nk

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